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As well as having a reptile shop, we also run a rescue centre away from the public.
Here we take in any unwanted reptiles etc, they are checked by our excellent reptile vet, Jason, at Wood Vets in Quedgeley, Glos, and treated if needed.
Jason can be contacted on 01452 543990

This is all at cost to ourselves, so donations towards the vet fees are greatly appreciated.


Juvenile Common Boa
(one male and one female)

Adult Male Bearded Dragon £35
Adult Female Bearded Dragon £40

Sunglo Boa Juvenile (Abby) £395
Adult Ghost Corn (Del-Boy) £80
Reverse Okatee Corn Snake (Spiro) £45
Male Salmon Boa (Sunny) £120
Female Salmon Boa (Stripes) £120
Baby Corn Snake £39
Juvenile Corn Snake (Lucky) £40
Male Pastel Royal (Patrick) £99
Amel Corn (Tango) £40
Male Royal Python (George) £50
Female Juvenile Chequered Garter (Domino)£49
California King Snake (Buttons) £45
Adult Female Milksnake (Poppy) £60

Male Papuan Jag Sib sub adult (Henry) £99
Female Iran Jaya sub adult (Henrietta) £125

Male Albino Leopard Gecko £45
Pink Tongue Skink (Jessie) £125

Knights Anole (Arthur) £40
Brown Anole (Tom) £13.99
Green Anole (Jerry) £13.99
Standings Day Gecko (Daisy) £40
North African Eyed Lizard (Norman) £55

Indonesian Tree Spider (Pedro) £40



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